05 September 2007

oh, how I dislike this

Dear Reader,

Those ugly little waste of time people who create and spread spam have found their way into my blog. That nice confirmation code feature seemed to work for quite a long time and I've appreciated it, but their bored little bots have started ramping it up and I don't much appreciate their activity.

No big deal really (other than the question that buzzes persistently like a flood plain mosquito, "Why?"), but for now I have switched the commenting options over to *moderate*, which means that if you choose to leave a comment - and I do hope you will continue to do so - you'll probably get some sort of message that reads "your post will not immediately appear, blah blah blah".

I'm not doing this whole ridiculous moderating thing for the ego trip or for the hassle of being hassled, but I do hope you'll understand that that spam garbage really can start to put a kink into one's happiness and contentment and I, for one, am not willing to coexist with either trolls or spam unless it is imperative. I'm not thrilled about changing the commenting options to *moderate*, and I apologize if this seems like an extra step for you, but I'm willing to take sensible precautions to prevent further infestation. Dig?

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