13 October 2006

looking at each other (by popular search demand, the entire poem)

Yes, we were looking at each other
Yes, we knew each other very well
Yes, we had made love with each other many times
Yes, we had heard music together
Yes, we had gone to the sea together
Yes, we had cooked and eaten together
Yes, we had laughed often day and night
Yes, we fought violence and knew violence
Yes, we hated the inner and outer oppression
Yes, that day we were looking at each other
Yes, we saw the sunlight pouring down
Yes, the corner of the table was between us
Yes, bread and flowers were on the table
Yes, our eyes saw each other's eyes
Yes, our mouths saw each other's mouth
Yes, our breasts saw each other's breasts
Yes, our bodies entire saw each other
Yes, it was beginning in each
Yes, it threw waves across our lives
Yes, the pulses were becoming very strong
Yes, the beating became very delicate
Yes the calling the arousal
Yes, the arriving the coming
Yes, there it was for both entire
Yes, we were looking at each other

(muriel ruckeyser,1978)


Just one of the many reasons I do so love this season called autumn.

10 October 2006

Please- Introduce yourself!

I'm always curious how the depth and breadth of the internet causes us to bump into one another.

How did you find my little goofy site here?

C'mon, you can tell me... I won't tell anyone. I promise.

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