18 February 2006

No swimming today

The first image is the metric version of the local weather and has something to do, I suspect, with how the term 'brrr-o-metric pressure' came into being. Or maybe only in my own imagination.

The second image to the left is the yawn-tastic Imperial lame-o Americano version of this morning's temperature. The wind chill, if that makes any difference when the fake mercury dips below zero, registered at -21 dF. Yipes. It's been a while since the last time we've seen these kind of lows. Hey, that'd make a great title for a book written by a depressed meteorologist - It's Been a While Since the Last Time It Was This Low.

At any rate it is a very cold day today, and not weather in which one should be out looking at real estate properties. But that isn't going to stop KD and me from checking out a house after having brunch later this morning. The house is smaller than our ideal but I've had a rough time disconnecting myself from homes we've looked at and I could use the practice to say, 'No thanks, this isn't what we're looking for' if indeed it isn't what we're looking for. I take a look around and my mind's eye immediately begins to move our two homes' worth of stuff in, rearranging and painting and decorating. I've already selected window treatments in places I have no intention of living in. I have to wonder ... am I the only weirdo to do this? Is this a girl thing that is somehow hardwired into my cells, similar to the nesting I began to do shortly before birthing my child?

The last in-home tour we scheduled was great but ended badly (for me) when I became churlish and disconsolate. KD tried hard to keep up with the mystery of me and the sorrow felt and tried to explain, but I can't blame her for the big flashing question-slash-exclamation mark blinking across her forehead. If the mark would have been human it would have slapped me across the back of the head, screaming "Snap out'v it!" So we talked, trying to work me out of my corner. No, you're right sweetheart, it doesn't make any sense. Yes, I agree that the house is SO not what we're looking for and holy cow, there's no way we'd be able to afford the fuel cost just to drive back and forth. Logically I could agree with everything we'd listed under CONS as cons in the list of 'Pros and -', but emotionally I had attached myself and it wasn't until many days later that I could laugh about it.

So a freezing horribly cold day like today should be perfect to visit a boarded-up, no-electricity, bring yer flashlights so we can visit the basement house for sale and I may yet get a grip on this attachment disorder.

16 February 2006

Confidante. One entrusted by A with the secrets of B confided to herself by C.
- Ambrose Bierce

14 February 2006


spotlight the girl by McBeth.

Scarlett is growing like a healthy weed. She's over 25" long and over 15 pounds, leaps and bounds since her birth 4 mos. ago.

She coos and squeals and smiles and studies my face with intensity and furrowed brows. Because she means it.

She also can gnaw the foot of a dangling giraffe with more ferocity than I've ever witnessed before.

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