15 December 2006

Blue, and green, and blue

Blue, originally uploaded by McBeth.

While babysitting my niece at my sister's home this week, I asked Audrey if she had any particularly favorite ornaments.

She was feeling the Blue love.

better get contrite, and quick.

better get contrite, and quick., originally uploaded by McBeth.

This postcard resides on the wall of my computer desk. I find it a cheery reminder that, while I may occasionally think I'm all that, a big guy with nice legs and be-robed in a sassy yellow number could snap at any moment, causing my otherwise peculiar life to either make a lot more sense, or get squashed flat.

(*I am not the creator of this postcard image, I have scanned it personally as a preview/recommendation of the cool stuff at www.gatheredimages.com. Patronize them already.)

13 December 2006

choppin' broccoli

broccoli droplets, originally uploaded by McBeth.

Am I the only person who still remembers that SNL sketch, albeit vaguely but well enough, to chirp out 'choppin' broccoli, chop chop choppppin' broccoliiiiiii' when someone either utters the word 'chopping' or 'broccoli'?

11 December 2006

ball(ed)-headed holiday hats

ballheaded holiday hats, originally uploaded by McBeth.

...If one is whimsical enough to paint one's home two shades of purple with gold detailing, it probably makes perfect sense that one would then fill the yard with behatted bowling balls.

new recruits

reindeer newbies in the making, originally uploaded by McBeth.

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