16 March 2007


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I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.

-- Maya Angelou

14 March 2007

very nearly answering the call of the flippists

building up to the eyelid flip, originally uploaded by McBeth.

You. Yes, YOU.

Let's clear the air right this very moment, shall we?

If you're one of the persons who has been looking for more (more? how about any) eyelid flipping pictures, you're going to have to be patient with me. You see, lid-flipping is not something one should just launch INTO, no! Instead one must build UP to it!

Ahh! A-ha! Yes.

I tried, I really tried, but I couldn't get into the boogedyboogedy-feeling groove that is necessary for an A+ form eyelid flip.

The outtake shots, which shall never be viewed by anyone -ever- but me, are a little bit freaky ('oh dear, does it really look like that? In real life?!') and a laugh riot.

I am not daunted, never fear.
I shall one day prevail ... I SHALL flip my lids!

13 March 2007

my $ .02

bags of change

Confidential to you, the dear sweet soul in Raleigh, North Carolina:

Yes. The definitive answer to the question you posed in the search bar of your browser is YES, cherry-tying is indeed a rare talent, though it's probably worth mentioning that I believe the fact that one can tie the cherry using only one's tongue is less of a compelling factor than the potential future non-cherry applications.

I spent one of my birthdays figuring out how to do it using the guaranteed Tappy Tibbins system and just look at me now!

I Want To Marry A Clockwork Orange Lighthouse Keeper

Lyrics by Eigen Erika

I want to marry a lighthouse keeper
And keep him company.
I want to marry a lighthouse keeper
And live by the side of the sea.

I'll polish his lamp by the light of day
So ships at night can find their way.
I want to marry a lighthouse keeper
Won't that be okay!

We'll take walks along the moonlight bay
Maybe find a treasure too.
I'd love living in a light house,

The dream of living in a lighthouse baby, every single day.
The dream of living in a lighthouse,
the white one by the bay.

So if you want to make my dreams come true,
You'll be a lighthouse keeper too.
We could live in a lighthouse
The white one by the bay, hey hey.
Won't that be okay.

Yada tada ta ta ta.

the beverage

hot buttered rum lattes, originally uploaded by McBeth.

Why does man kill? He kills for food. And not only food: frequently there must be a beverage.

--Woody Allen

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