25 December 2013

big enough

We find a delight in the beauty and happiness of children, that makes the heart too big for the body.

--  Ralph Waldo Emerson

22 December 2013

All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific.

--  Lily Tomlin

20 December 2013


There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief.

--   Aeschylus

Success and failure. We think of them as opposites, but they're really not. They're companions - the hero and the sidekick.

--  Laurence Shames

29 November 2013

marching to pretoria

By the time we got back together our adventure had become an epic. We were entitled to a little exaggeration. Every soldier does. After all if growing up is war, then those friends who grew up with you deserve a special respect. The ones who stuck by you shoulder to shoulder in a time when nothing is certain when all life lay ahead and every road led home.

-- The Wonder Years

25 November 2013

It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.

--  Lewis Carroll

15 November 2013

If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system.

--  William James

13 November 2013

We are discreet sheep; we wait to see how the drove is going, and then go with the drove.

--  Mark Twain

09 November 2013

One need not be a chamber to be haunted;  
One need not be a house; 
The brain has corridors surpassing  
Material place.”

--  Emily Dickinson

01 November 2013

A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.

--Heraclitus of Ephesus

02 October 2013

here i am. here i fucking am.

One of the hardest things for me during hard times is to be with other people while I'm in the midst of having my hard time.  More often than not it helps, but it's never, never not difficult.

27 September 2013

Who shall tell the lady's grief
When her Cat was past relief?
Who shall number the hot tears
Shed o'er her, belov'd for years

- On the Death of a Cat,
Christina Rossetti 

18 September 2013

there is no end

As usual I finish the day before the sea, sumptuous this evening beneath the moon, which writes Arab symbols with phosphorescent streaks on the slow swells. There is no end to the sky and the waters. How well they accompany sadness!

--  Albert Camus

09 September 2013

Too bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that you could make the earth spin real fast and freak everybody out.

-- Jack Handy

07 September 2013


Some guy hit my fender and I said "be fruitful and multiply" but not in those words.
-- Woody Allen

05 September 2013

new moon

When you love a man, he becomes more than a body. His physical limbs expand, and his outline recedes, vanishes. He is rich and sweet and right. He is part of the world, the atmosphere, the blue sky and the blue water.

--  Gwendolyn Brooks

03 September 2013

you and me babe

Loyalty means nothing unless it has at its heart the absolute principle of self-sacrifice.

-- Woodrow T. Wilson

27 August 2013

these faces, these.

Family faces are magic mirrors looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.

-- Gail Lumet Buckley

25 August 2013

the mote in your brother's eye

Ordinary people think that talent must be always on its own level and that it arises every morning like the sun, rested and refreshed, ready to draw from the same storehouse -- always open, always full, always abundant -- new treasures that it will heap up on those of the day before; such people are unaware that, as in the case of all mortal things, talent has its increase and decrease, and that independently of the career it takes, like everything that breathes... it undergoes all the accidents of health, of sickness, and of the dispositions of the soul -- its gaiety or its sadness. As with our perishable flesh. talent is obliged constantly to keep guard over itself, to combat, and to keep perpetually on the alert amid the obstacles that witness the exercise of its singular power.

-- Eugene Delacroix

10 August 2013

of thee I sing

We must declare ourselves, become known; allow the world to discover this subterranean life of ours which connects kings and farm boys, artists and clerks. Let them see that the important thing is not the object of love, but the emotion itself.

--  Gore Vidal

27 July 2013


no time to panic by McBeth

The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.

-- Adolf Hitler

26 July 2013

that which does not kill us

slip and slide scaffold by McBeth

But, my dear sirs, when peace does come, you may call on me for any thing. Then will I share with you the last cracker, and watch with you to shield your homes and families against danger from every quarter.

-- William Tecumseh Sherman


choral bond by McBeth

I love to hear a choir. I love the humanity to see the faces of real people devoting themselves to a piece of music. I like the teamwork. It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperating like that.

-- Paul McCartney

19 July 2013


bride buttoning by McBeth

We must care about the world of our children and grandchildren, a world we may never see.

-- Bertrand Russell

12 July 2013

28 June 2013

bring it on

please, no more rain by McBeth

The wise man in the storm prays to God, not for safety from danger, but deliverance from fear.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

25 June 2013

in the moment

just us by McBeth

Only when your consciousness is totally focused on the moment you are in can you receive whatever gift, lesson, or delight that moment has to offer.

-- Barbara De Angelis

21 June 2013

20 June 2013

there, and here

seeing sights by McBeth

Perhaps it is our perennial fate to be surprised by the simultaneity of events, by the sheer extension of the world in time and space. That we are here, prosperous, safe, unlikely to go to bed hungry or be blown to pieces this evening, while elsewhere in the world, right now in Grozny, in Najaf, in the Sudan, in the Congo, in Gaza, in the favelas of Rio....

To be a traveler—and novelists are often travelers—is to be constantly reminded of the simultaneity of what is going on in the world, your world and the very different world you have visited and from which you have returned home.

-- Susan Sontag

06 June 2013

dedicated to the one I love

in one piece by McBeth

Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. The people we trust with that important talk can help us know that we are not alone.

-- Fred Rogers

31 May 2013

life is but a dream

birdflock by McBeth

I dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke. Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?

-- Chuang Tzu

24 May 2013


between takes by McBeth

It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy;-- it is disposition alone. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.

-- Jane Austen

22 May 2013

kindling, childhood edition by McBeth

I guess I just prefer to see the dark side of things. The glass is always half empty. And cracked. And I just cut my lip on it. And chipped a tooth.

-- Janeane Garofalo

11 May 2013

trifling matters

ohgawd, spring again by McBeth

One way to get high blood pressure is to go mountain climbing over molehills.

-- Earl Wilson

10 May 2013

fleetly float

orange shoes by McBeth

My method is to take the utmost trouble to find the right thing to say, and then to say it with the utmost levity.

-- George Bernard Shaw

04 May 2013

it is to see, or to not

wind grandmother by McBeth

That's the thing with magic. You've got to know it's still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you.

-- Charles de Lint

03 May 2013

born again

all new by McBeth

Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be break-through. It is potential liberation and renewal as well as enslavement and existential death.

-- R.D. Laing

29 April 2013

low and slow

onions by McBeth

It was an instinct to put the world in order that powered her mending split infinitives and snipping off dangling participles, smoothing away the knots and bumps until the prose before her took on a sheen, like perfect caramel.

-- David Leavitt

27 April 2013

wonked out

wonkavision by McBeth

Round the world and home again
That's the sailor's way
Faster faster, faster faster
There's no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There's no knowing where we're rowing
Or which way the river's flowing
Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing
Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing
Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they're certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing

-- Roald Dahl

26 April 2013


mama's shoes by McBeth

There's a magical tie to the land of our home, which the heart cannot break, though the footsteps may roam.

-- Eliza Cook

24 April 2013


camo cat by McBeth

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. Which road do I take? she asked. Where do you want to go? was his response. I don't know, Alice answered. Then, said the cat, it doesn't matter.

-- Lewis Carroll

19 April 2013

upon the embracing

mother and child by McBeth

You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it.

-- John Updike

17 April 2013

the loss of innocence

jungle zone by McBeth

There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.

-- Howard Zinn

05 April 2013

down in back

heat by McBeth

Are we to paint what's on the face, what's inside the face, or what's behind it?

-- Pablo Picasso

03 April 2013

walk this way

apples all in a row by McBeth

I'll walk where my own nature would be leading: It vexes me to choose another guide.

-- Emily Bronte

29 March 2013

look differently

feather castle by McBeth

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.

-- Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

27 March 2013

left alone

keep it together by McBeth

You shouldn't be told you're completely irresponsible and be left alone with too much medication. It's too easy to forget. You take a couple of sleeping pills and you wake up in twenty minutes and forget you've taken them. So you take a couple more, and the next thing you know you've taken too many.

--  Judy Garland

25 March 2013

i will wait for you

pleasepleaseplease by McBeth

I feel that there is reason lurking in you somewhere, so we will patiently grope round for it.

-- Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

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