10 June 2006


partners in crime by McBeth.

Tornadoes ripped through my fine state a couple days ago, touching down hither and yon, making nonlinear paths where they saw fit. Seems like the nasty stuff split right into two sections just west of the city in which I live and then passed along completely without incident.

No rain, no winds, nothing.

Just some big ol' monster clouds and tornado sirens that -along with the ever so slight amount of common sense I allow to prevail every so often, just to make sure I still have it and know how to exercise it - prevented me from traveling out to deliver another load of moving boxes to my sis that night.

keeping away, for good.

The last keepaway game by McBeth.

Katie and Aud play for what they've no idea is the last time. The next day Aud would call her mama from her other aunt's house, in IA, to report nervousness due to her first 'leuse teuth'. Noone in my clan will see the goofy dog again. I'm temporarily broke. But they are away from Him and they are safe, and that is what is most important to me.

Please don't purposefully hurt the people you love.
If you can't use big boy or big girl words, under no circumstances will it ever be okay to resort to using your hands or your feet, or even bad little mean words, to try to get the attention you seek.

Take a break.
Call someone. Sleep it off.
Write, or walk, or cry.
But first and foremost: do no harm to another.

The costs are astounding. Your stupid stupid costs, you abusers, are remarkable and sad, while you yourself will remain completely unremarkable.

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