14 May 2006

to the mother of us all, my thanks

lightward leaning by McBeth.

I'd like to wish Nature a happy day.

Locally, she's been dosing out what may be meteorological equivalent of castor oil, but I have to trust that she knows a lot more than I do - than WE do - and that she's taking care of us the best she knows how to given her resources and how naughty we can be sometimes.

If I was to make a handmade card for her today, I'd draw rainbows and flowers and birds and a ridiculously large (and probably revolting) rendering of the circle of life around the border of the paper. I would draw a big heart right smack dab in the center. I'd sign it 'With love, from creature # 426,174,265,441,692,038,185,228,391,339,381,668,372 and one of your greatest admirerers, McB.'

Happy Mothers Day to you.

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