07 September 2007

i don't remember

shed your assumptions, originally uploaded by McBeth.

I don't remember
how to say your name

I stretch the edges of my mouth
to accommodate the broad aah
of your vowels
but my throat emits a moan,
a coarse static,
as though I have tuned you in
between channels.

You died
then I died
and died
and died
until I realized I could no longer die,
until I realized I had to begin breathing again.

And now,
I don't remember
how to say your name.


Anonymous said...

beautiful poem.
how ya doin'?


McBeth said...

Did you ever watch 'Friends'? Every time I read that phrase I totally hear Joey Tribiani with his soap opera hunky sexiness ... 'how YOO doin?' Hee.

I'm feeling very scattered. Got plenty of things to kvetch about but none seem important enough to warrant the actual energy expense. I like to think I'm on the verge of Something Good in one or another aspects of my life but I don't really have anything solid to point to to indicate "that! right there!".

I keep taking pictures and writing words. That's what I know to do, so I guess I'll just keep doing that for now. : )

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