16 November 2007

coming home

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Coming home from very lonely places, all of us go a little mad: whether from great personal success, or just an all-night drive, we are the sole survivors of a world no one else has ever seen.

-- John le Carre

15 November 2007

sizing up the new sister

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Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

-- Elizabeth Stone

12 November 2007


A birthday seems like a good marking point kind of time to reflect. Thing is, I don't like the intense focus or scrutiny involved with having to come up with my own super happy and overly chipper things to say. So instead, I've pilfered a birthday quiz from Club Mom or Mom's Club or Mom's Little Flask club or whatever the proper name is for the group. Apologies to all moms everywhere who are so into momhood that their jaws have gone slack because, in essence, I just bastardized all your blessings by making fun of the name which I cannot remember. Please. Wrap your patience up in a little package and tie it with a shiny ribbon. THAT'S a gift I could totally use.

How many birthdays have you celebrated so far?

When is your next one coming up?
Precisely one year from today.

If you could get anything, realistically speaking, what would you ask for?
Can courage and strength be considered a realistic gift?

If you could ask for something like magical superpowers, which kind?

Teletransport. Or thought transferrence. Or being able to disappear.

Who do you want to be with during your birthdays?
Those I love. This year I spent a weekend full of pre-birthday time with KD. Today I'll be driving to IA to herd nephews while their new sister is born.

How do you plan to celebrate your upcoming birthday?
Not celebrating so much as simply getting through gracefully.

What was the worst present you ever got on a birthday?
I don't really remember. If it was bad enough I will have shoved it out permanently. Which, the more I think about it, works pretty swell.

What was the worst birthday fiasco you ever had?
Nobody called or sent a card or appeared to remember.

Did you ever purposely give someone a crappy gift?
I never give purposefully crappy gifts. If I have, they've found their way into crapdom by sheer accident.

edit to add: That's not actually true. I do save the purposefully crappy gifts for the annual Christmas Bingo game with local friends who don't read my blog so unless you're the one to spill the beans (in which case I WILL hunt you down later) they probably won't remember the weird little "paint your ceramics" kit I got last year because it will be in fresh shiny unrecognizable paper this year.

Who would you never ever ever want to attend your birthday?
I don't mind anyone attending my birthday - but what an awful thought to consider - being that selfish that I'd turn all princess-y about who I want or who I don't want to be there.

What was the best birthday present you've ever recieved?
My maternal grandmother's ruby ring. It came at a time when it was the least practical thing I could actually use (oh lord was I broke and making do, ai ai ai). But my mother had been holding onto it and gave it to me with all the love she had (both for her mother and for me).

What was the best birthday you've ever had?
I'm not big on birthdays; I don't have an answer for this one.

Why was it so great?
I get through them. See??! Isn't that great?

What is your fave birthday activity, even if you havent done it (yet)?
I went bowling last year, when I turned 40. I like the idea of doing something I'd probably never do otherwise -- minigolf, batting cages, posing nude, an illegal driving manuever, etc.

Who would you love to come to your birthday to celebrate with you?
I'm not comfortable with spectacle, so maybe a quiet happy visit with those who appreciate me.

What did your family do to celebrate your birth?
Kicked my older sister out of the crib to make room for me.

What did, will happen for your sweet 16th birthday?
Oh dear, well, that's a fairly awful story. My parents gave me the dog I'd been begging since early childhood for, but Jericho was very new, very little and as it turned out, riddled with worms. He didn't make it through the night.

What happened for your 21st birthday?
Hmm, I wonder if I was present for my 21st birthday.

Would you be okay with dying on your birthday?

Pick someone you really really love:

What would you get them for their birthday if you could give them anything?
It might be considered illegal in my home state. Let's just call it "niiiiiiice".

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