29 September 2006

remembering war

"Short-circuiting the long-established principles of patient negotiation leads to war, not peace."
-- Jimmy Carter

25 September 2006

bobble jesus

If I was bobble jesus and my hands were pressed together in reverent prayer, I bet it'd be because I'd be praying hard for antacids.

And then I'd turn my little plastic head to my left and to my right, and then I would probably wonder where the heck my sneaky bobble disciples had snuck off to. Especially that Judas; I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that fella.

And then I'd try to find a piece of tiny paper and a pen so I could write myself a bobble note to remind myself later to do a full background search on these kind but slightly off guys who have devoted themselves to following me around.

But mostly I'd really just want the antacids.

sour grapes

“My life will be sour grapes and ashes without you.”
-- Daisy Ashford

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